My Pond

The Set Up

As all Koi Enthusiasts know, keeping Koi and a Koi Pond can be very expensive. Like a lot of people I've made mistakes by trying to save money and cut corners but as we all find out in the end we would have saved a lot of money, time and effort by listening to other people and waiting, researching more and save for the better model or make. We've all looked on E Bay to China for that all inspiring UV, Pump or Filter to discover a few months or years down the line it failed and I need another one. Some people say Koi Keeping is just digging a big hole and chucking your savings in to it. Yes I suppose I can see the similarity but hopefully with more Social awareness people will learn quicker and not make those simple, avoidable mistakes we have all done.

Original Pond

I've always owned a pond of some sort but only the last 5 years have I been fortunate to be able to afford the better items on the market. Thanks to Andrew Harrison at Fiveacre Pond Supplies ( for the advice, time and patience he shared to steer me in the right direction. Not by influencing my purchases but explaining what I should expect from the equipment I need.

In The Beginning

My first pond was in 1978 and it was a natural garden pond and spent most of it's time green and full of the Goldfish won at the local fair. Around 1980 we tried to filter the water with a state of the art filter. With no understanding of Media, flow rates or UV's it was a waste. Next we moved on to a 1,000 Gallon kidney shaped pond complete with a little Stone bridge over it. Again a DIY Filter filled with Pea Gravel, Plastic pipe cut offs returned via gravity down a waterfall gave a little success, for a few weeks. The fish seemed ok and lasted a couple of years but with the green water the hobby didn't give as much pleasure as it should.

To Be Continued

Finished Koi Pond 2017 This is the First Photo of the finished Pond in 2017.

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